2015-2020 FORD F-150 4X4
$372.00 OBO

  • Product Description
    LoadLifter 5000 ™ kits are specifically engineered for towing and hauling demanding loads. These tough, durable air springs provide Up To 5,000 Pounds Of Load-Leveling Capacity and are fully adjustable to keep your vehicle riding stable, level and comfortable whether loaded or unloaded. LoadLifter 5000 has the same no-compromise construction and loadlifting capabilities as the entire LoadLifter series with the exclusion of the internal jounce bumper.
    Features & Benefits

    Up To 5,000 Pounds Of Load-Leveling Capacity
    Eliminates Squat, Trailer Sway, Rough Ride And Bottoming Out
    The Loadlifter 5000 ™ Air Suspension Kits Fit Many 1/2, 3/4, And 1 Ton Pickups And Vans To Haul The Big Stuff
    Perfect For Commercial Trucks, Wreckers, Ambulances, Construction And Utility Trucks
    Air Springs Beef Up Your Existing Suspension To Boost Your Safety And Comfort When Hauling Massive Loads